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Friday March 22nd


DJ AF is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Durham, NC. Pursuing a passion for high energy dance music, AF began producing and DJing in 2019 after being inspired by the heavy hitting bass and infectious rhythms of bass music. AF aims to create good vibes on the dance floor by spinning exciting mixes of house, dubstep, drum & bass, k-pop, and more.

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Rusty is a Raleigh based music producer, audio engineer, and DJ. Rusty has worked in the wedding DJ and live audio business since 2005 and started producing music in 2019. Rusty is skilled in multi-genre blending and enjoys blurring the lines between genres.

Red Crown started in May of 2023 and currently serves the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas. Red Crown strives to create music events that are safe spaces for all individuals. 

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C-Note is a Raleigh based DJ, part of the Loud Playground Music Group. C-Note specializes in mixing Hip-Hop, House, Trap & Funk House, follow me on IG @c_notetheDJ. C-Note enjoys NewJeans and TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Special Guest
Friday March 22nd

Sea Ni
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RoadB (로드비) is a 5-member K-pop boy group that debuted on Nov. 2, 2020, under Campus Entertainment. The group consists of members Chanseung, Eddy, Teen, Baekhan, and Day.

Sea Ni

SM ENT/HYBE ENT Dance Trainer (Dance Workshop)

Sea Ni SM ENT/HYBE ENT Dance Trainer Artist Collaboration Jay Park | AOMG | TVXQ | Tiffany from Girls’ Generation (SNSD) | Super M | NCT 127 | NCT Dream Choreography NCT 127 | Kick It | Sticker (co-choreography) | Lemonade | Favorite (co-choreography) | Earthquake | 2 Baddies NCT Dream | Hot Sauce (co-choreography) | Dive In To You | Glitch Mode | Arcade | Fire Alarm NCT U | Universe (co-choreography) Instagram: @sea_ni_hale

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